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Life After Death

31 October 2012

Let’s talk about Ben Affleck for a moment, shall we? Because, really, it’s Wednesday, and if you’re reading this, your schedule is probably of the type were you can spend a few minutes thinking about random actors.

Seems to me there was a while there where Benji’s career was on the skids. Most of the movies that came out starring Affleck weren’t the best. Around Paycheck, I was pretty sure his career was headed the way of Van Damme.

And for a while, he vanished. No big Affleck blockbusters popped up on the summer slate. He showed up in the flashback scenes of Hollywoodland, and gave an outstanding performance… then vanished again for a while.

If he’d stopped working at that point, I wouldn’t have been happy about it, but at least he would have ended on a stellar performance as George Reeves rather than Reindeed Games 2: This Time, It’s Rudolph-inal. But he didn’t stop working. And he hadn’t vanished.

First came Gone Baby Gone. Then The Town. Both were outstanding films. But now…


I won’t tell you about the plot. I won’t review the movie. I’ll just say this — go watch it. You won’t believe how good it is.

Anyone seen it? What did you think?

As a postscript — I’m so happy Affleck’s career not only didn’t tank, but he’s fast on his way to becoming one of my favorite directors.

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