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All right, who gave the white guy sugar?

29 October 2012
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I quit drinking years ago. I quit smoking back in August (and, unlike other times I’ve quit, this one seems to be sticking — possibly because I just quit cold turkey and didn’t use any patches, lozenges, etc.). Now, because apparently I hate all things fun, I’m quitting sugar.

Or, at least, I’m quitting extraneous sugars. For as long as I can remember, I’ve put sugar in my coffee — less in recent years, but still a teaspoon or two. I’ve been a soda drinker for years now. Both of these are going out the window — table sugar, turbandino sugar, HCFS, it doesn’t matter. If it’s been sweetened, I don’t get to have it. I’ve always been against artificial sweeteners — not for health reasons, they just taste horrible — so those are off the table too.

Thing is, this one hasn’t been hard to manage, so far. Coffee is a bit bitter, but not awful. Avoiding soda should be pretty easy, as long as I can have coffee or water. Apart from coffee, soda, and the occasional energy drink (I used to easily plow through two a day, but now I do less than one a week), I really don’t consume much sugar, so I expect not to be in clock-tower territory anytime soon.

So here’s the question for the day — what are your vices? Have you ever tried to quit, or are you good with just a tiny bit of vice here and there?

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  1. 2 November 2012 0540

    My vice: seegars. I would only smoke then when I went out to my Ozark cabin, which happened at best twice a month, so it wasn’t much of a vice. But now that I’ve taken up running (I say that modestly — I am only doing about 20 miles in a week) I don’t want the drag on my lungs that even infrequent seegars provide. (I found that I can feel the effects in my lungs for up to two days after — and I don’t even inhale them.)

    I guess my next vice would be beer, but I don’t drink too much of that either anymore.

    After that: sloth.

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