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Going Mobile

16 October 2012

I’ve realized lately that I do more writing on mobile devices than I do on a computer.

I’m not sure exactly when the shift occurred, but (at the risk of pissing off Android people), I’m pretty sure it was around the time I switched from Android to iPhone. My Samsung Galaxy had a full, slide-out keyboard, and I did do a fair amount of writing from it… when I was on vacation or otherwise away from a computer. Once I made the switch to mostly working with Apple products, I did a lot more work on mobile. (I do still have a Kindle Fire and a backup phone that run Android, but it’s very rare I get work done from those.)

When I update the Twitter Novel project, I usually do it from my iPhone or iPod touch. When I work out a chapter on a book, I usually do it on my phone. I used to hate touchscreen keyboards — now it’s rare that I use anything but. This blog entry? Written from the WordPress app on my phone. Probably 90% of my blog entries are.

What’s the point of all of this? No idea, really, except the sneaking suspicion that desktops and laptops might be on the way out for the average consumer. It’s hard for me to imagine that world, but in 2002, it was hard for me to imagine the technology I now use every day, so…

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