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A step in the right direction?

11 October 2012

While watching The Saints finally win a game on Sunday night, I noticed something about the commercials for upcoming shows on ABC. The new fall season doesn’t seem to be filled with reality programs, as in years past. Sure, The Voice is still there, and X-Factor and American Idol (can someone explain to me how these are not the exact same show?) on Fox — with as cheap as reality TV is to produce, I don’t think it’ll ever go away completely.

But I noticed that there seems to be a lot more scripted TV than I remember in previous years. Sitcoms and hourlong dramas seem to be coming back. Sure, in ABC’s case, everything I saw previews for looked fucking awful, but at least it’s scripted TV. At least it’s not one vapid, meat-for-brains guy picking between 20 women who inexplicably want anything to do with a guy who’d put himself in a Bachelor-type situation.

I don’t even hate reality TV — I think it has some purpose — but I’m getting a little tired of it taking over slots from people who want to put a vision out there, want to create a story and a universe and put episodes on the air each week.

Or even people who just want to rip off the British.

So, any new fall programs you’re excited about? Any that look like they will make you vomit out your eye sockets in terror?

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