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You… Probably Already Did

10 October 2012

For some reason last night, the Tom Selleck AT&T commercials from 1993 popped into my head.

Yes, that does just happen randomly. I’ll be getting ready to walk one of the dogs, and suddenly remember a commercial from 19 years ago. That’s how my brain works. Moving on…

Anyway, I was pretty sure the Internet would be rather helpful in my quest to watch said commercials again. And behold:

Here’s the thing about these commercials: as I mentioned above, they aired in 1993, which would be either the end of my freshman year in high school or the beginning of my sophomore year. But I still remember them vividly, and I remember my reaction to them at the time.

When I first saw them, they kind of broke my brain. I saw people speeding through empty toll plazas without stopping to pay, or saw a girl reading a book on a screen in front of her, and my brain lost its shit (something along the lines of NO WAI OMGWTFBBQ!). I thought, sure, we might have that technology in 50 years or so, when the world has gone all Blade-Runnery (as it seemed to have done in the commercials).

And now? We have pretty much everything those commercials. Worse yet, most of it is already in a smaller, better form (could you imagine your Kindle taking up as much real estate as the huge reading screen in the first commercial)? We don’t have video phones at phone booths, because we don’t really use phone booths anymore… but we have video calling on the tiny little phones we carry around with us all the time.

That’s the big thing that was missing from those commercials — not only will you be able to do all this shit and more in the future, you’ll be able to do it from a cheap device slightly larger than a deck of cards. It’s only been 19 years since those commercials aired, and a lot of the stuff in them seems laughably dated already.

So where will we be in another 19 years?

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  1. Bucoda permalink
    24 October 2012 1827

    Hah, I remeber those too! Thought, how cool would that be! Good post man, love your books! Brilliant!

    • 24 October 2012 1849

      The one with the girl in the library reading books on that crazy-huge screen really captured my imagination when I was a kid — I wondered if something like that would happen in my lifetime.

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