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Like a fat cartoon cat.

1 October 2012

I used to hate Mondays. I know it’s a tired cliche, but I really used to feel like one of those middle-aged ladies with a Garfield coffee mug as I dragged myself into the office, bleary-eyed and possibly hung over (this was many years ago, when I was actually still drinking).

But then, I stopped hating on Mondays, at least specifically. Sure, I didn’t necessarily want to drag myself into the office on those days, but I came to a realization — that Monday is really no different from Wednesday, or Thursday, or any other day of the week. If I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, I’d be putting in the same amount of effort every day to earn my paycheck. So why was Monday so horrifying? It had to be more than just coming off of a couple of days off.

The point behind all this? None, really, except that our perceptions can play a huge role in how we approach something. I used to be terrified of Mondays until I cognitively reframed it to be just another day, no different than, say, Tuesday. And just like that, the “case of the Mondays” went away.

So what can you reframe today?

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