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… and I approved this message

30 August 2012

Normally, I get about 10-15 emails while I sleep. Lately, it’s been double that, and literally 100% of the increase is the fault of the Democratic Party.

No, I’m not about to go off on the “liberal media” here. It’s not that kind of post.

See, years back, during an unemployed month, I went to work for the Obama campaign. I don’t remember giving them my email address, but I suppose I must have, because 2008 was when the email influx started. It wasn’t too bad back then, though.

This year? It’s insane. Ten to 15 emails a day trying to raise money, to paint the Republicans as evil stormtroopers who want to kick in my door and eat my family. And all of them are addressed to me, as if they know me (even though they’re trying to get me to vote in local races in states I lived in eight years ago).

Look, I get it. The party wants to reach people and “get the word out.” But 15 times a day? Anyone who sends me 15 emails a day is just going to annoy me. It’s going to make me wonder why I even bother voting at all.


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  1. Nate permalink
    30 August 2012 1231

    Well, in their defense, I was planning to dress up as a storm trooper and kick down your door. I wasn’t going to eat your family, though. I just figured maybe I’d raid your fridge.

    I was going to bring a storm trooper outfit for you, too, for that matter. That way we can both kick the door.

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