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A frightening thought

14 August 2012

What if all of our mobile devices have a subconscious?

I was looking through a folder on my laptop where I dumped the memory card from one of my old phones, and I came across the image folder. If my phone does have a subconscious, it must be pretty confused and schizophrenic (assuming that its memory is composed of the inputs I gave it). Observe:

Sometimes, my phone caught itself thinking of Rick Flair, and wondering why the State of North Carolina used him as a lottery promotion.

Other times, it thought of Wolfgang Puck, and how shitty the coffee from his machine was… and how the picture on it almost looked like Wolfgang was trying to warn us of this fact.

But always, my phone was asking the most important question in existence — What Would MacGyver Do?

What about you, folks? What abuses do you inflict on your machines’ subconscious, if they do indeed possess them?

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  1. 17 August 2012 0342

    Subconscious? I’m worried they have consciousness!

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