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August — back on track

31 July 2012

So, since my last blog post, I’ve turned 34. It’s an odd age. And as there are guys next door chainsawing the hell of of some stumps at an ungodly early hour (thus preventing me from sleeping), I might as well blog about it.

When I was a kid, 34 seemed impossibly old. It was one of those solidly “adult” ages, one that might as well have been 55 or 100. I was incapable of imagining myself ever getting to that age.

Now that I’m here? Doesn’t really feel that old. My 30s have felt more or less like my 20s, with the exception of not being able to maintain a razor-thin physique quite as easily. Sure, I might pay for too many trips to In-n-Out Burger now, but aside from that… not much difference.

But I have been slacking on Twitter Novel updates lately, and I plan to use the beginning of the month — my first full month as a 34-year-old — to remedy that. Updates will restart tomorrow night. If you’re waiting on anything from me, be prepared to get it this week.

So maybe something is different. Maybe I’m getting some accountability in my old age.

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