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Cheer up, man. World’s gonna end in 10 minutes anyway.

26 July 2012

OMG, people. Did you hear about Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson? Because I’ve been unable not to hear about it, thanks to Facebook.

Let’s back up a little. More than once on this blog, I’ve come to the halfhearted defense of the Twilight books. I say halfhearted, because my opinion has always been “I don’t read them, I have no interest in reading them, but I don’t feel it’s fair to trash the author because she’s successful, or the fans because they like something I have no interest in.” And I stand by that rather noodle-armed defense. If you don’t like a book, no one’s going to violently grab your head and force you to read it using some kind of Clockwork-Orange apparatus.

But I really don’t care about celebrity news, and while no one’s forcing
me to read any of the articles about Stewart and Pattinson, they are being thrown at me regardless. That doesn’t really bother me — it’s a second of my life that I probably would have wasted anyway. What does give me pause, though — why do enough people care to make these articles trend?

Some people we don’t even know have a relationship problem. It happens all the time. They’re actors — actor relationships end all the time. Why should Kristin Stewart need to make a public apology? Why do we demand information about any of this?

And why am I talking about it now? Gah!

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  1. Nate permalink
    26 July 2012 1257

    I’m with you on all points, as I so often am. But, I guess the Randall Graves Rule is in play: Pointing out the shortcomings of others is exhilarating.

    Social media is giving us outrage fatigue.

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