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Malcolm, you’re the worst person ever.

23 July 2012

On Saturday night, my wife and I went to see the Nerdist Podcast live here in Dallas. She hasn’t been listening to podcasts all that long — I think she had about three Nerdists under her belt — and I’ve been listening since… well, embarrassingly long. Right about since the beginning.

It was a great show — Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira, Jonah Ray, and special guest Doug Benson were, of course, hilarious. And even though we live in the future, and you can get most of these podcasts delivered to your favorite mobile device without any real work, there’s still something to be said about going to see them live.

Here’s why I think live podcasts are a great idea — you’re making a social situation for people who might not otherwise have a social outlet. I’m not saying that all people who listen to podcasts are social outcasts in basements somewhere, because that’s an unfair stereotype (in addition to being lazy and wrong). But if there are some socially awkward folks who really like the podcast, doing a live event like this creates a safe place for that percentage of the audience to go be around people for a while, to have a night out — because they know the other people there like the same thing, and they at least have something in common.

It’s the same thing with cons or tweetups — though the mainstream media always seems to report on it with a certain amount of disdain (“look at all these nerds and losers”), I think these events are infinitely valuable. On a side note. it’s interesting to me that the mainstream media keeps shitting on “nerd culture” like it does, as if they didn’t notice that it’s everywhere. Most people are geeks about something.

And it doesn’t hurt that every one I’ve been to has been a lot of fun, too.

So, what’s your favorite nerdy or geeky gathering you’ve been to?

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  1. christophergronlund permalink
    23 July 2012 1629

    I’ve attended an International Juggler’s Association annual convention…and the old Dallas Fantasy Fairs (comic book conventions), were great! I’ve not really attended any geeky gatherings lately. I used to attend weekly juggling groups, but they just don’t seem the same. I definitely need to geek out.

    My wife is into historical costuming, and there’s a mini convention this weekend in Dallas. I’m tagging along, but plan to spend most of the day just reading and writing while she attends things.

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