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Search, and you shall find… something, anyway.

19 July 2012

I’m one of those people who really digs the site stats on my web sites. I like looking at where people come from, which pages they visit, how many people visit a certain entry, and so on. But the most entertaining by far are the search terms people use to find this particular blog. Today, I’m going to share a few of my favorites — some of the really random, funny search terms that somehow made people end up here.

see you in the car milhouse

I see this one a lot, actually. I use Simpsons quotes all the time, and people must really like the thing Milhouse Moussolini VanHouten wrote in Lisa Simpson’s yearbook.

trophy for being smart

Man, I wish these existed.

jfk assassination conspiracy

Though, to be fair, I think this search term will lead one to every site on the Internet. Eventually.

how many books has jason statham written

Believe it or not, this search term has appeared more than once. Statham, if you’re listening, there’s a career waiting for you as an author. At least a couple dudes will buy your books.

1994 silver ford t-bird 4 door

A car that Ford never actually manufactured. But it would have been sweet if they did… as long as you never needed to drive in anything other than a straight line.

boat accident, log through thigh

Two questions — how did that get you here, and what were you searching for in the first place?

how to not think about a zombie invasion

If you’re thinking about a zombie invasion so much that you actually can’t stop, the Internet is not the place to go for help. At least, my corner certainly isn’t.

one time i ate a dead frog

I’m happy for you.

cool names for secret projects

If your project truly is secret, searching the Internet for names for said secret project isn’t the best idea… though it does hint at your level of security on said project.

daddy muscle underwear

If this had made more than one person end up here, I’d seriously start re-examining my life.

And, my favorite of all time…

my echocardiogram was 47 is that bad

Look, there are a lot of numbers in an echocardiogram. I’m not a doctor, but if your Framingham Coronary Heart Disease Risk Score was 47 — well, I’ve got no advice for you, as you probably didn’t live much past clicking that search link.

What about you, folks? What odd search terms bring people over to your little corner of the Web?

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