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I know that feel, bro.

18 July 2012

Oh, Viacom. I feel kinda bad for you right now.

If y’all haven’t heard, Viacom — which runs MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, and others — recently pulled all of its channels from DirecTV in a gambit to garner more profits (presumably because ad revenues aren’t what they used to be). Their solution — DirectTV customers should pay more for their channels.

All of the chatter I’ve heard about it isn’t negative towards DirectTV, as Viacom probably hoped. There’s no “bring back Jersey Shore, DirectTV! You monsters!” No, what I’ve heard is more along the lines of “Man, Viacom is acting like a bunch of dicks.”

It’s tough to learn that people are just fine without your content. I’ve learned that lesson a few times myself. So I kinda feel for Viacom. Not enough to pay 30% more on my TV bill, but…

A friend once told me that every lesson you learn after age 18, you learn the hard way. That’s very true, at least in my case. What’s the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn lately?

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