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5 July 2012

I am mesmerized by the little red power button. I am also a child.

Seems there’s always something that needs charging.

If it’s not my phone, it’s my Kindle. If it’s not the Kindle, it’s the iPad. If it’s not the iPad, it’s one of my iPods (I have three, but only two in active use). The amount of tech I deal with every day (not even counting regular old computers) would be staggering to someone even 15 years ago. And I just kind of shrug and see it as normal, day-to-day stuff.

I’ve heard people ask if all this technology is really doing anything to make our lives better. I could go into the whole broad-scope, weighing-of-all-the-pros-and-cons tirade here and come to a conclusion, but let’s face it — I’m lazy and always-on information technology has given me a short attention span. So I’m just going to pick one thing and talk about that.

It’s my Kindle, but you could easily substitute any iDevice of your choosing, if you so prefer. Any of these devices gives us almost instant access to more books than anyone could fit in a brick-and-mortar bookstore. At any time of day or night, I could wonder about, say, what an undercover ATF officer’s life is like. Then I could go to my Kindle, buy Under and Alone by William Queen. And then I get a decent read for almost no effort on my part.

So, yeah. All this tech can make life better.

Agree? Have a different example? Why not throw it in the comments? Why not Zoidberg?

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