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I got my Uzi back.

2 July 2012

Also, I did the cardinal sin of a white guy quoting hip-hop lyrics. But that’s how I do.

And that brings me to the subject of today’s entry — Song Pop. If you’re not aware, Song Pop is an iPhone game, kind of like a five-question-per-round Name That Tune. It’s one of the newer games, which means it’s free to play (the way gaming could be going in the future), and it’s addictive.

My nemesis. I love it so.

I used to know quite a lot about music. Or, at least, that’s how I remember it. But my awesome wife Lisa and our friend Lindsay have been eviscerating me at this game. Part of it is that I just panic and hit a button too quickly, realizing I know the tune a half-second after I chose the wrong one. A bigger part of it, though — they’re just better at the game than I am. They know their music better, and there’s no real way around that. (Also, they’re smarter and better looking than I am. It’s kind of unfair, really.)

It’s humbling to see that you’re not as good at something as you thought you were. And it’s a bit disturbing to realize that what you remember (the songs of your youth, for example) is no longer as sharp as you thought it was.

But mostly, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Even when I lose. And living in the future — where I can play these games with people across the world — is pretty damn awesome.

So, what about you? What mobile games are you digging lately? And should you wish to challenge me on Song Pop, I will happily lose to you.

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  1. 2 July 2012 0633

    A friend was all like, “Ticket to Ride is free — get it now!” and I did. And I must admit, even after awhile, I still find myself playing a game or two each day when the news or something else I’m not really interested in is on TV. (I should clarify: I keep up with the news. But the local news has long devolved into sensationalism, with a recent break starting with an anchor saying, “You won’t believe what two thugs did to a 70-year-old woman. You’ll be so mad!”

    When the news tells me how to feel, it’s no longer news.”

    As far as getting crushed at Song Pop, just tell them you’re like Sherlock Holmes and keep your mind clear of useless things so there’s room for adventure!

    Oh, back to games. I DO have all the Angry Birds versions and Cut the Rope on my phone. I will play through the levels to see them, but I will never spend time trying to get three stars on every level, or things like that. I’ll play Words with Friends, but only with my wife. Just while watching TV or something, during commercials. Sometimes weeks go by and my wife says, “Are you ever going to play another word?” (I have no push notifications, with the exception of text messages, set on my phone, so I don’t know when she’s played a word, unless I remember to look.)

    I have a chess game on my phone that I never play. I played one game with a friend, and I DID like the text messaging on the game because face it: chess is much more fun when you can talk smack to your friends. Move a pawn and type, “The blood of clan McClendon will be spilled on the field of battle this day. We will salt your lands, defile your woman, enslave your children, and turn your men into sammiches and canoes! Tremble before my mighty army, worm!”

    The comments after each move were more fun than each move.

  2. Nate permalink
    2 July 2012 0824

    I’ve been digging “Where’s My Water?” lately. The puzzles are physics-based, and it’s pretty addictive despite the cartoonishness.

    I also recently picked up Mega Man 2 on the cheap. I loved that game when I was younger.

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