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Fix everything with time travel! Done!

31 May 2012

Hey, you. Have you pre-ordered your copy of Supercritical yet? You totally can, at least at Amazon or Barnes and Noble (who finally has the cover image up — Amazon hasn’t yet, for some reason).

There’s also going to be an audiobook this time too, like last time. I’m not sure when that one comes out — it’s usually around the same time as the book itself, but Audible doesn’t give me a heads-up. Last time, I think the audiobook released a day before the novel.

If you’re a reviewer, of course, you can grab a copy through Netgalley.

Or you can wait until the book releases in about a week and a half. I’m not the boss of you.

Here’s the fun thing about this book — I think it’s better than the first. Of course, I’m biased… and I had a ton of fun writing both of them. Books in a series are both easy and tough to write: easy because you know the characters and the world, and tough because you have to make sure not to shoot yourself in the foot in terms of continuity. The continuity bit is even tougher on the third novel (which I’m finishing up now), and I imagine it gets harder on the fourth, fifth, and so on.

I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to write for a show like Lost. When you build a mythology as huge as that, you’re almost certainly going to screw up and contradict yourself eventually. So the question for today — what’s the most glaring continuity error you’ve ever seen in a series of stories?

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