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22 May 2012

Not only do I remember what this is, I was the kid using them when I was five.

So, I woke up maybe 20 minutes ago.

Yep, I know. It’s 2:45 in the afternoon — I slept in a couple of minutes. I’ve transitioned over to the nighttime schedule again for a while, and so far, it’s having the desired effect: noPr skipped nights on the Twitter Novel Project, more work getting done on Echo Universe stuff and other novels. Good, good.

Of course, to hit a daytime audience, I end up blogging before I’ve been able to put down a cup of coffee. Pretty much the first thing I do when I wake up is hit CTRL-L to unlock the computer, and when I did so this morning, I was faced with a Chrome window full of tabs for research. Apparently, highlights from last night included the Kamov KA-60, Kurgan Oblast in Russia, and PetroChina stations.

I’m kind of a research nerd. As I talked about a job yesterday I probably wouldn’t want, it seems to me maybe today I should talk about one I would (apart from writing for a living, of course), and that is to be a research librarian for the DoD, the FBI, a true-crime cable channel, or a large company that manufactures Very Interesting Things(tm). Just spending the day digging into the history of something is fascinating to me, and I can spend nine hours easily just doing research on a subject. Sometimes, the only problem is pulling myself out of the research to write the thing I was researching in the first place.

What about you, folks? What would be your dream job, Mark II? What job might you love if your first love didn’t quite pan out? (Don’t worry. It will pan out. This is just hypothetical.)


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  1. christophergronlund permalink
    23 May 2012 0522

    Obviously, the dream job is writing stories full time, making enough to be comfortable doing what I want. barring that, my dream job would be professional slacker. Sure, I’d love to have a little shop of some sort (tea shop), or a small farm where I made enough to get by, but if I could convince the world that I should be given a budget and allowed to just do what I want, writing a monthly report of all I did (for the sake of science, of course), I’d be all right.

    It’s not that I’d do nothing as a slacker, because I’d do things. I’d beef up the juggling chops again, write, read, and just hang out on grassy hilltops looking at the clouds. I’d go hiking and stop in a pub for a beer or two in the afternoon while others are at work. Canoeing would occur; maybe some cycling and just sitting outside, getting some sun. (Vitamin D is, after all, an important thing.) I’d meet friends for lunch and take naps.

    It might be a rough life, but it’s a hit I’d take for the sake of my fellow man.

    • 23 May 2012 0550

      There’s something to be said for being a professional man of leisure. It was a perfectly acceptable trade at many times in history — it’s where the poets and the philosophers started.

      Of course, a Kickstarter for that might be tricky…

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