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There’s the pot. You know what to do.

18 May 2012

I was given some pretty simple, but pretty great advice by the most important person in my life last night, and it’s the perfect little snippet with which to end the blogging week.

I’m paraphrasing, a bit. But you know that thing you’ve been wanting to do, that film you would totally make if you could just… or that book you would totally write if only…

Someday is now. Invest in yourself, and do that thing you’ve been giving yourself excuses not to do. There’s always a way to find an excuse not to follow your dreams and goals — the hard part is to push through those excuses and just go do the damn thing.

Happy Friday, all!


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  1. christophergronlund permalink
    20 May 2012 1547

    Well, I’m glad you shit instead of sitting on the pot.

    Here’s hoping the release of Supercritical goes well, and all that follows it is golden.

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