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But Morgan Freeman said…

16 May 2012

So, every once in a while, I stumble across something in the course of my Internet wanderings (really, I’m just like a mid-50s drifter floating around the Internet, picking up jobs at diners and getting in fights with 40-year-old teenagers [deep cut, that]) that I find really cool and want to share with y’all.

So there’s this. It’s a film called Quantum Theory, and it looks like it’s going to be pretty damn great.

There’s nothing new about wanting to do a film, and crowdsourcing the funding on the Internet. But there is something new in putting together an inventive, fascinating story, then doing an ambitious film outside of the studio system. And that’s what’s going on above. (Watch the video at the link, by the way. I laughed plenty.)

Here’s the thing — novelists get to be ambitious all the damn time. I can write a tactical nuclear strike on a lab that my characters have just driven straight through in an armored assault vehicle, because I don’t have to worry about making it happen. I don’t have to figure out how we’re going to shoot that, because there is no shooting. It’s theater of the mind — you watch it in your head, but think about all the work that it would take to make that happen for the big screen — that one chapter in 47 Echo would cost about four million dollars, as written.

So when films are ambitious — and they don’t have the funding in place from a major studio — that’s something I want to see. When someone decides to do a twenty million dollar movie for twenty thousand, they get creative out of necessity. I gushed about the movie Lunopolis for similar reasons, but that was a movie I stumbled across years after it was made.

This one, I have a chance to watch from the beginning.

I’ve talked before about how movies, publishing, TV, all of these things are changing, and this illustrates my point perfectly. These folks are going to make a film that a studio would cut up, change, and mold to hit as many quadrants as possible. But on their own, with help from the Internet, they’ll get to make the film the way they want to make it… and we get to see it without the studio interference, which just might turn it into a remake of Back to the Future.

Go check out their web site at Check out The Starmind Record, the series they’ve already done… then tell me you don’t want to give them all the moneys.


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