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Halt! Hammerzeit.

16 April 2012

I maintain, years later, that this is one of the most brilliant things I've seen in real life.

It’s no secret that I like to just hammer away on writing projects. My work schedule of late has been rather an impediment to that “sit down and hammer on the keyboard” work ethic, but I’ve taken some time off and switched over to the completely nocturnal schedule over the past couple of weeks.

And it seems to be working. I’m still juggling several projects (four at the moment), but over the past seven days, I’ve averaged 11,500 words on each of them (some more, some less — as is the definition of the word “averaged,” I suppose). It’s been one of those great writing weeks where I’ve put out thousands and thousands of words a night, and while I don’t kid myself into thinking every one of them is great, it’s awesome to be able to sit down and hammer away again.

And that brings up a problem. (Yes, I can have a great week and think of the problems rather than sit in the sunshine.) I don’t make a ton of money writing. Don’t get me wrong — people still buy 47 Echo, and I’m appreciative beyond words for that. But that one book out there doesn’t pay a living wage. It’s a problem most writers have, balancing the day job with the writing job (or hobby, depending on what it pays — I always consider it a job regardless of the bottom line). But it’s a Catch-22 — I’m a more productive writer when I don’t have to worry about a day job, but I really should have a day job to support my writing.

Or I could go the third route, the unsure one. Just go ahead and pound out the writing, try to get enough out there that the writing becomes the day job, that I produce enough to support the writing by actually writing. If I’m honest, that option scares the living hell out of me. I’ve been very fortunate on sales of 47 Echo, and I hope, hope, hope Supercritical does just as well when it comes out in a couple of months (if not better). But banking on that? That seems like tenuous ground to stand on.

It’s not a new dilemma. Work the corporate job, or follow the dream job? But when you’re actually in the position where you might have to choose, it gets more complex.

So, of course, any thoughts on the matter are welcome. Also, checks and cash, as well as gold bullion… well, those would help a lot, too. (I am kidding. I have no idea what to do with gold bullion.)

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  1. Nate permalink
    16 April 2012 0727

    Go with doubloons instead of bullion. Then we can bury them.

    • 17 April 2012 0736

      Indeed. And make inaccurate maps for Nic Cage to find and mumble at.

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