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Death and Taxes

13 April 2012

Sadie does her taxes early, though she does cheat on them rather a lot.

April is tax month — the month we all see just how much of our income we’re donating to the state and federal governments to keep then running. And, like most Americans (I suspect), I’m usually down to the wire, searching the Internet on the afternoon of April 15 to find out which post offices are open late.

It’s not like my taxes are even that hard to do. Most folks can just go on the web, plug in some numbers, and be done with the Federal bit in a half an hour or less. But, again, most folks (and I’m guessing here) don’t take that half-hour until sometime on the 14th or 15th.

My wife Lisa is way better about this stuff than I am. She usually has her taxes done sometime in January, while I spend the middle of April looking through piles of paperwork in our home office, absolutely sure that I put that W-2 right here three and a half months ago. I know I should be better about this — my mom is an accountant, after all — but every year, procrastination sets in.

I used to think that I was a hue procrastinator, but as I’ve gotten older, that’s just not true. I realize I procrastinate the things I don’t feel like doing, but most people do that. But I’m also an incubator — I let ideas and such stew in my brain until I feel they’re ready to work with, then (in the case of writing) sit down and start hammering it out when everything is pretty much ready to go on the page. It looks like procrastination to the untrained observer — both procrastination and incubation involve sitting on the couch with coffee — but I really am getting work done in my brain. Honest.

What about you, folks? Procrastinator, incubator, or worker (where you sit down and do something the minute you know it has to be done)? Which are you, and have you tried any of the others?

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  1. christophergronlund permalink
    13 April 2012 1709

    I’m an incubator. I put out a novel-length thing every 2.5 years, and I’m fine with that. ‘Cause it’s all up in my head, a-bubblin’.

    Since meeting you, though, I must admit to now thinking, “Some things must bubble in my brain; others must come out fast!”

    I miss writing indie comic books. Since all the artists I know have moved on to bigger things, I realize that I can let some novels simmer in my brain meats for years…others must spill out like an ape with a monkey wrench opened my head to see what’s in it.

    My return to the office full time has not been my kinda thing, but the other day at lunch, I plotted and schemed for the one series idea I’ve developed and was like, “Okay, I wrote this novel on lunchbreaks in 4 months. To quote DEVO, “We must repeat!” (I like using the royal “we” to mean me.)

    So, just like that, this weekend sees the close of the first draft of a new novella and some movement on a series, all the while thinking about the kind of story left to bubble in my brain.

    Tack onto that running errands all day with my wife, instead of working, and I gotta say, it’s been the best day in weeks! (Add to that you sharing some Super Critical news I can’t wait is more public, and seriously: best week in a while! And I enjoy most weeks…)

  2. 13 April 2012 2229

    We also enjoy the Royal We. Also, we like the ape with a monkeywrench, and shall henceforth be adding him to our organization.

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