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Winner! Fatality!

10 April 2012

On Friday, I mentioned that I’d probably announce the winner of last month’s contest on Monday. Then, on Monday, I promptly forgot it was Monday, and rambled about a substandard Nick Cage movie for 350 words or so. And while it’s really tempting to make fun of the guy on ID’s “Dark Minds” (OK, not the guy, just his haircut — think George Lucas in 1987) for another 350 words today…

Richard Auffrey, come on down! Your Authors, Alcohol, and Accolades series with me, Myke Cole, Saladin Ahmed, and Robert Bennet has won you the prizes! Shoot me an email and we’ll work out the details.

Now, about this guy’s hair…


Stay tuned, folks! New contest coming rather soon, and you will not want to miss this one.

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  1. 10 April 2012 1300

    This guy looks like TV’s Frank from MST3K (@FrankConniff on twitter).

    • 10 April 2012 1313

      Kind of. One notable exception — TV’s Frank makes that haircut work. This guy does not. 😉

  2. passionatefoodie permalink
    25 April 2012 1737

    Thanks so very much! This was a cool contest and so fun to learn more about your drinking habits. 🙂

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