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Road Rage in the Modern Age

9 April 2012

OK, he's pissed off and does a lot of driving. What should we call this movie? Anyone?

I’ll admit it. I watched “Drive Angry” the other night. Lately, you kind of know what you’re in for when Nicholas Cage stars in a movie, and what you’re in for is generally not a good movie. Before I get lumped in with the folks who unfairly attack Cage, I do want to go on record as saying that, historically, I’ve liked him in a lot of stuff. Lately, though, he just seems to have said “sure” to any movie that he’s offered.

So, “Drive Angry” made me a little sad, because there was so much potential there. The idea was interesting — guy escapes Hell to bring justice to some pretty horrible people on Earth. It just fell flat, though. The main problems, as I saw them, we’re Cage (again, I’ve liked him in a lot, I just don’t think he was the right choice for the role) and whoever the guy was they got to play the villain, Jonah King. The villain was actually more of a problem than Cage — the guy they got to play him was just unconvincing and not at all scary. If they’d gotten someone different, they might have stood a chance of making a decent movie. As it was…

Well, I’m still going to recommend watching the movie. I’d like to just dismiss it as a bad film, but I can’t. Because just as I was about to change the channel, this guy showed up.

Ladies and gentlemen, William Motherfucking Fichtner.

There are a few people I’ll watch in anything, and William Fichtner became one of them around the time of “Go” and “Strange Days.” When he played Sanderson in “Black Hawk Down,” I realized that this was the same guy who played the Amway-selling cop in “Go,” and both of them were complete and distinct characters — that’s when I realized that this guy was worth watching in anything he appears in, and “Drive Angry” was no different. He was fucking fantastic in it, and saved the whole thing for me.

So, do yourself a favor. Watch anything this guy is in. Doesn’t matter what — he’ll be great in it, even if the rest of the movie is falling down around him.

So, do you have any go-to people? People that you’ll watch in anything, or read anything they write?

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  1. 10 April 2012 0938

    My wife and I both read pretty much anything from Jim Butcher and we used to read tons of Piers Anthony.

    I read tons of Eric Flint (his 1632 series).

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