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Jerry was a race car driver

4 April 2012

I'm sure a journalism degree qualifies me to drive this at 165 mph.

For no real reason today, I started thinking about what I would do in a certain hypothetical situation. You know which types of situations I’m talking about — the one where a friend says “If you had to do X, but you couldn’t do Y, what would you do?” Those silly, pointless questions take up residence in my head sometimes.

So, I was thinking, what if I could no longer write? If some random governing body came down and banned me from the written word? I’d have to find something else to do with myself. And thinking about that question makes me realize I have very little in the way of marketable skills when you take writing out of the picture. Sure, I have a pretty decent mechanical aptitude, but no training in any area that’s useful at all. I used to be an EMT, but that was 10 or more years ago. My knowledge there is about as useful as my knowledge of the 1994 Ford Thunderbird’s engine layout.

Truth be told, if I was banned from writing tomorrow, I would have a very hard time finding something else to do. Even the day job is writing (sort of), so all of my energy has been pushed in that direction, personally and professionally, for years now.

But that’s the great thing about writing — no one can tell you to stop doing it. I mean, they can say that, but you’re under no obligation to listen to them. You can write all you want, and every word you write is practical experience. You get better and better at writing the more you do it. It’s a great job, even if no one pays you for it.

So, getting back to the question of what I would do if I wasn’t allowed to write… I dunno. Janitor?

What about you?

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  1. christophergronlund permalink
    4 April 2012 1558

    I’d probably shoot for opening a tea shop, or something along those lines. I’d say it would be cool to own a distillery or something, but I have no experience, there. That, and many restrictions. Maybe figure out how to make balsamic vinegar (yes, you read that right) and try to figure out some kind of travel-related podcast where I drive all over interviewing weird people.

    If I didn’t write, I DO know I’d juggle a lot more again…

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