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Relax, Ray. Have a smoke.

30 March 2012


No, this isn’t turning into a blog about what I’m currently drinking. Pictured above is one of my favorite ways of taking a moment to myself and just chilling out.

I know I’ve been a proponent of charging hard on the blog before — get it done! no excuses! just effing write! — and I’m still very much about hard charging. But one can’t operate at 110% forever. Even if burnout wasn’t a concern (which it is), you simply need to give yourself time away from working every once in a while.

Doing nothing but working all the time will, in my case, decrease the quality of the work. I get tunnel vision, and proceed along predictable lines. So I give myself a day off every now and again and don’t do much of anything — I drink coffee, watch Bored to Death, and relax.

So give yourself a day off every once in a while. Hey! Why not today?

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