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Narcissistic Cannibal

23 March 2012



So, last night I fell asleep before I got a chance to update the @Tweet_Book story. It’s not the first time this has happened, and I seriously doubt it’ll be the last. If you’re a writer like me, chances are you’ve fallen asleep working before (perhaps comically waking up to a word document full of the letter “m,” like you’re in a low-budget comedy). So chances are you know what kind of night I had last night.

Thing is, writers are awful about taking care of themselves, as a general rule. Now, I know there are exceptions, but a lot of writers I know overextend themselves pretty regularly. They skimp on sleep, abuse stimulants the next morning (Rockstar!), eat at random times, and some just might partake of the booze. A little.

I’m no different, except for the booze part. I stay up way too late. I can make it through 12 or 13 hours of work and realize I haven’t eaten since the night before, but instead of eating, I drink a coffee and chase it with a Rockstar. I spend way too much time in front of a computer and not enough within a stone’s throw of a gym. All of these, of course, are bad things.

It’s tough to do, but I also manage to work some exercise into my schedule. I built a weight setup in my garage. I have a couple of punching bags out there. When I get stuck on a story issue, I go out an do 30 minutes to an hour of weights, or punchin’. It’s just enough to keep the wolves from the door.

But not necessarily enough to keep me from falling asleep now working every now and again.

No real question for today — feel free to share any thoughts you have, of course. This Friday, though… remember to take care of yourself, all right? We need you around for a while yet.


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  1. Paul Lamb permalink
    25 March 2012 1637

    I may be at the other extreme. I get up very, very early to write, especially on the weekends. I’ve been known to get up at 12:30 a.m. and get to work. Or course, I must have my pitcher of iced tea to get me going, And I’m usually good for nothing else after dawn breaks.

    Beer and occasional wine are about it for me, and then it’s only on the weekends. I have a Border Collie, so I must take him to the dog park every afternoon for an hour of running and chasing sticks. I run with him, and while it may not help with the writing, I do feel I have more stamina in general. So there’s that.

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