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Museum-Quality Crazy

19 March 2012

One of my favorite books in my collection. Note the lack of an author's name.

Over the weekend, I found myself, through the magic of the Internet, following the great wormhole of links that eventually led where they all lead —

It’s no secret (haw!) that I’m a big fan of conspiracy theories, as they make really entertaining fiction. But even as much as I love them, even I have to tap out after about an hour in the ATS forums. If you’ve never been, let me Cliff’s-Notes it for you: Everything in the world is the result of a conspiracy — aliens, 9/11, the media, video games, the postal service. Bonus points are given for linking one conspiracy theory (the OMG GOVERNMENT caused 9/11!) to another (because George W. Bush is a reptoid alien!). Super bonus points for being pants-crappingly insane.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that everything the government tells us is the unvarnished truth, or that our government tells us everything they should. But do I believe that there’s a massive conspiracy to implement a New World Order? No. A lot of our elected officials can barely tie their own shoes without shitting themselves, so the sophistication needed to hold down massive conspiracies just isn’t there. Unless, of course, it’s the ALIENSESES.

The book in the image at the head of this post is one of my favorite pieces of conspiracy theory literature, though. From the style, it was written (all 550 pages of it) by one guy, but he never identifies himself at all. No author byline. No reason why he’s putting together all of this info on alien abductions and UFO sightings. I love the paranoia that suggests.

So what about you, folks? Got a favorite conspiracy theory? Got a favorite book or website that’s just totally off-the-wall?

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  1. 19 March 2012 1435

    Snarf. When I’m having a bad day….ATS makes me feel good about myself, LOL

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