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16 March 2012

Yesterday, my pal Christoper Gronlund interviewed writer Mark Hosack over at his blog. It’s a great interview, and every aspiring writer or filmmaker should read it. Mark has a lot of great stuff to say about persistence and production… so of course this blog entry is about none of that.

As I do, I seized on one tiny piece of the blog — a photo caption — and it captured my imagination. See, Mark wrote a film called Give ‘Em Hell Malone, which I recommend, as it’s one I thoroughly enjoyed. In it, Mark himself had a tiny role as a hostage tied to a carousel. And of course, that got me thinking… what small cameo role could I play in one of my stories, if by some turn of providence it got made into a movie or series? For the sake of argument, I used 47 Echo, as that’s what I think would probably make the best transition from book to film.

Here’s the thing — the novel sprang from my own head, and I had the hardest time thinking of a role I could actually play. Sure, I made up every single character and every event that happens in the book. I should be intimately familiar with each small character nuance, the importance of every little event on the story as a whole. And I am, of course. I also minored in Drama in college, so I know how to act… sort of. But it’s still damn near impossible for me to pick a character I think I could play, even for a minute of screen time.

My first thought was Captain Jason Black, the Intelligence officer who appears for about twenty seconds early on in the book. But he’s far from a minor character — he appears in Supercritical and Fear and Anger, getting larger and larger roles each time, so he’s out. Besides, in my mental casting sheet, I already have the perfect actor in mind for him (who would be getting a lot of work if any of my stuff ever did go to film).

I settled on the somewhat disappointing answer of “random Marine in the background somewhere.” I know. And y’all pay me to be creative. (Thanks for that, by the way.)

Now, I’m not going to ask what you think I’m going to ask — I’m not going to ask you to cast me in anything. But what work of yours would you cast yourself in, and as what part? Even better, what story (comic, novel, movie, etc.) would you love to have a bit part in, and as which character?


Hey! Wanna win some cool stuff for the release of Supercritical, the second 47 Echo book? Here’s how.

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  1. 17 March 2012 0437

    Geez, this is a tough one. I certainly would NOT want to be a character in my novel The Sleep of Reason. That’s a dark place. I suppose I could play a part in one of my Finnegans novels, if I had any acting skills, which I don’t.

    I think the one short story I’ve written which is almost wholly secretly about me is the one I’m working on now. It mirrors some realities in my life, and it has a message in it for my sons (it’s a story about fathers and sons). So I could see myself inhabiting that role.

    But I have no experience (or interest) in movie making, so I don’t think it’s healthy for me to invest my thoughts in imagining myself or any other actors in my stories should they be filmed. I’ll leave that to the folks who know what they’re doing in that realm, and it ain’t me.

    • 19 March 2012 0942

      I’m very much a fan of that last bit — leaving it up to people who know what they’re doing. I once mentioned that, if something I wrote became a movie, I wouldn’t want to write the screenplay. If they asked and backed up a truckload of money to the house, I’d take a shot, but I’d prefer to leave that to the professionals.

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