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Ich bin Oz, der Gross und Mächtige

24 February 2012

Anyone else smell toast?

I’ve been thinking today about what’s behind the curtain. Too often, we see the product only — the movie, the TV show, the book — without considering that somewhere along the line, a person or group of people had to create that.

Now, I’m not going to claim you shouldn’t complain about a TV show or a book if you want. That’s totally cool — you’re a consumer, and that’s totally your right. This isn’t a blog post about criticism and reviews — just thought I’d head that off now.

No, what I’m really interested in today are the stories behind the creators. One of the more well-known ones is the story of Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond character — Fleming himself was a secret agent, and used his own experiences to form the basis of Bond. That kind of stuff is fascinating to me. Dr. Seuss, for example, made U.S. Propaganda posters in WWII.

So, as it’s Friday, and I’m lazy… share some interesting creator stories in the comments! Who wrote or created something you love, and who was that person really?

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  1. 25 February 2012 0413

    Philip Roth has been accused (repeatedly) of writing only thinly disguised autobiography in his novels. Saul Bellow as well. If so, so what? How does the story stand on its own? The Scarlet Letter was based on an actual incident in Hawthorne’s family.

    I look at it this way. If you picked up a novel that didn’t have the author’s name blazoned on it, so you didn’t have that baggage, what would you think of the story as a story? Would you find something dreadfully written once you were free from the best-selling author’s cache? Would you learn that you like a genre writer who you might normally have disdained?

    You’re right about the creator being in the creation, but it is the creation in the end that matters. (Unless you’re watching Entertainment Tonight, of course.)

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