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There Are People On The Moon

21 February 2012

Hello, friend! Have you heard the Good News?

I didn’t get much writing done last night, and I’m going to go ahead and blame that on a guy from Louisiana named Matthew Avant.

No, I didn’t just choose him randomly. Matthew wrote and directed a film (according to IMDB, in 2009) called Lunopolis, which has been sitting in my Netflix queue for a while and which I finally decided to put on while I was working last night. To say that it’s a low-budget film would be underexaggeration — but to say that it’s everything good sci-fi should be is, in my opinion, right on the money.

First off, it uses the science-fiction framework to talk about social issues — something sci-fi has been doing pretty much since its inception. It handles this in a unique way, though, tackling Scientology from a completely different standpoint than you might expect. Now, any film can take an issue and harp on it, but that’s not what’s happening here — there is a creative, entertaining story around the little bit (and I do mean little) of social commentary. It’s something I’ve always thought good sci-fi has been able to do — you can find the creator’s opinion on those larger issues if you want, or you can just sit back and be entertained by the story.

This film really hit all of the notes for me, and I was surprised to find out that there isn’t much information about it out there on the Interwebs. Perhaps now that it’s on Netflix Watch Instantly and (I believe) Hulu, more people will get eyes on it, because I truly believe it’s one of the better science-fiction movies I’ve seen in recent years. And it proves that telling a good story is paramount — no matter if your budget is $100 or $100 million.

So, anyone else seen this film? Anyone know anything more about it? Anyone surprised, as I was, that one of the best indie sci-fi movies ever came out of Louisiana?

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