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And now it’s time for the news…

3 February 2012

… of which there isn’t any, really. Except that, of course, it’s Friday, which is the best day that the working week can muster (unless, of course, you work weekends).

Fridays are great to me because they hold so much possibility. I know I don’t need to be up early the next day, so I can stay up writing as late as I want (sometimes, I’ve fallen asleep in front of my computer while writing at 6 on a Saturday morning). Or I could just treat it like another weekday, get to bed about 2:00, and watch some movies after I finish what I want to finish, writing-wise.

Yeah, it’s nerdy, but I really do schedule my life around writing that much.

So, happy Friday to all of you to whom Friday heralds the beginning of a couple of days off! And to the rest of you… sorry, got nothing right now. I’m in Friday mode.

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  1. 5 February 2012 1438

    Yeah, now it’s Sunday afternoon. The time of malaise and regret. Still, thanks for the hearty words on Friday!

    • 6 February 2012 1200

      Yes, the Sunday dread. I was just talking about this very thing! It’s not something that normally hits me like it once did, but it settled in last night.

      So far, though, today’s been good. Ridiculously busy to the point of more overtime, but at least the dread is gone and it’s more a matter of reacting to things I have to do.

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