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Space Ghost is not down with that.

25 January 2012

I don’t get sick that often. I’d like to chalk that up to clean living, but I know that’s not the case — it’s more a combination of my father’s tank-like genetics and the fact that my wife cooks healthy food. So, it’s pretty rare that I’m under the weather for any length of time, and I’m not very good at being sick when it does happen.

Since Sunday night, I’ve been dealing with a strain of the flu. That’s not usually such a big deal, but I’ve also been dealing with a case of exhaustion lately. The two of them together have combined to make a Voltron-like sickness robot whose only aim is to keep me from standing up for longer than a couple of minutes at a time. Like I said, I’m not great at being sick — like I assume happens with most modern gentlemen, I turn into a complete child when I don’t feel well.

My wife, who’s had to put up with me for the last couple of days, should probably list this week on her application for sainthood.

Still, I’m feeling back up to about 68% today, so normal services should resume this evening. I did get a lot of Mad Men watched during my convalescence, though. I suppose that’s something.

So, if you’ve been waiting on something from me, it’s on the way.

How have you all been? And what’s the best method you’ve uncovered for working while sick?

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  1. Nate permalink
    25 January 2012 1156

    I’m not particularly good at being sick, either. But I had a cold a week and a half or so ago, and I swear that using that NeilMed sinus rinse stuff reduced the duration of the cold by a couple days. (Of course, if you use it, you’ll want to use clean, filtered/distilled, non-brain-eating-bacteria water.)

  2. maryecantrell permalink
    25 January 2012 1157

    I’d say the best remedy is to NOT work while sick. Your body needs to rest. Do I do that? No, I’m terrible at being sick and I keep trying to get up and do stuff. Then my body shuts down and says, hey you need to rest. 🙂

  3. 25 January 2012 1216

    I’m usually good for one good sick a year. And, like you, I don’t deal with it well. Fortunately for my wife, I’m rather bear-like in my agony and just want to be left alone to burrow under the blankets and hibernate until it’s all done. With the flu, at some point, coughing and sneezing hits and I can’t sleep and I become whiny. Then, I still stay in bed and my wife stays away because she knows she can only feel so bad for me so much, and there’s really nothing that can be done at that point.

    She brings me water so I don’t dehydrate, and asks me a few times a day if I want to eat anything. I’m very lucky…and aside from the feeling of a man-bear taking over the bedroom in the form of an unmoving lump beneath the blankets (and the grumpiness of when sneezing fits hit and I want to punch the air where they go in retaliation for how much I hate them, we take good care of each other when we’re sick. Still, my wife and your wife deserve the kind of sainthood that should be displayed on a stained glass window.

    I tend to not write when I’m really sick. If it’s just a little thing, I’ll just get up and write where I can, or jot down notes and catch up on reading. But were I you this week, I wouldn’t even THINK about trying to write.

    Okay, so I would, and my wife would tell me to go climb back beneath the covers and rest.

    Get well!

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