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A message of some importance, delivered by the unlikeliest of heroes.

12 January 2012

I don’t normally go into politics or world-affecting issues here on the 47 Echo blog, but there’s a serious problem in America today, and I can’t stay silent any longer. I’ve recently become aware that there are millions — if not tens of millions — of Americans who, right now, at this very moment, are not thinking of Biz Markie.



In all seriousness, there’s a reason I bring up Biz Markie, and it’s not just because I was watching VH1 Classic’s Totally 80s yesterday. I’ve always kind of loved the guy, but he’s actually a great model for anyone who does anything creative (writing, music, art, photography, what have you).

Think about his breakout hit, “Just a Friend.” Most of the people I know love that song, or at least they do now. But go back in time to when Biz was putting that song together. How many times do you think people, both inside the music industry and out, told him it was stupid? It was corny? It would never “sell?” I don’t have hard data to back it up, but my guess is “a lot.”

And what did Biz Markie do? He said, “Come on, man!” and put it out anyway. It’s not easy to have a song get published, much less have a video made of said song, but he did it anyway. And now, it’s a classic — most people I know, as I said, love it. But if he’d listened to just one of those people who told him it was stupid, we wouldn’t have that kickass screencap, and we would never have gotten to hear him cover “Benny and the Jets” on the Beastie Boys’ Sounds of Science.

My point here is: if you truly believe in what you’re doing, don’t let anyone tell you not to do it. I’m not saying never listen to your critics, because sometimes they have valuable and useful information… but if someone tells you what you’re doing is stupid or won’t sell, and you know you really have something there, then keep going. Ignore the people who say you can’t do it, slap on a powdered wig, sit down at the piano, and just keep going.

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