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An Anniversary

11 January 2012

Indeed, Jacky Chan. I am just as bewildered as you are.

One year ago today, 47 Echo was released on Kindle, Nook, and pretty much every other e-reader out there (remember Kobo? That’s OK, neither does anyone else). That night, I had a release party at a bar called Blinco’s in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Apparently, I still have pictures from a year ago in my phone. Odd.

It was a small party, and I kind of expected that. I also expected that probably 10 people would buy the book, and I would go ahead and keep writing anyway, but be a little disheartened at the low, low distribution numbers.

Then, sometime around March, I figured the book had sold all it was going to sell.

It’s now one year later, and the book is still selling on Amazon (which is the only place I can really track it until my publisher hits me with quarterly numbers). I know I sold a copy just this morning, which made me smile — the book has been out a year, and people are still buying and (ostensibly) reading it. I’ve sold thousands more copies than I thought I would, finished edits to the sequel yesterday morning… really, this whole thing has been beyond my expectations. And that’s thanks in no small part to you.

Yeah, you. If you’re taking the time to read this blog, chances are you also bought or somehow read the book, and I thank you for that. Though I’m not a bestselling novelist by any stretch, you folks are out there, reading the silly little stories I put together, and I’m immensely grateful for that.

Now… let’s talk about a larger party for the release of Supercritical, shall we? I’m not saying I want a 40-foot-high ice sculpture of me smiting my enemies, but if one of you wanted to bring it…

Kidding, of course. I just wanted to take today to say thank you so much for allowing me to do what I do!

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  1. 21 March 2012 2124

    I am so excited to find out that there is a sequel coming out soon. I have read 47 Echo over a dozen times since I bought it and am on pins and needles! When do we get a look at the summary?? Soon, I hope ๐Ÿ™‚

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