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I see what you were going for there.

28 December 2011

Yesterday, I got edits back on 47 Echo 2. I know a lot of writers who dread edits, and when they say that, I always wonder if they have the right editor. Before I start this post, I just want to go on record as saying I think my own editor, Rhonda Helms, is outstanding. Fair warning.

I, for one, don’t mind doing edits. I’m not one of those writers who protects every little word as if they were my children — if something works better another way, I’m happy to change it, and Rhonda’s edits always show me a better way of doing things. I think having a good editor is more important than being a technically good writer (though not more important than being able to tell a good story).

I like the trend of authors self-publishing their books. Not only does it make for some great (and often inexpensive) reading, but it’s always fun to see the vast array of stories that are out there. I just wish more of them would find (or use) a good editor, because editors are what can turn a decent story into a great book. I know my own editor works freelance, as well, and there are a lot of resources out there for writers who want to self-publish. I can’t stress enough how important editing is — just watch any film used on Mystery Science Theater 3000 to see what happens to a storyline when there’s no editing or bad editing. Plot holes abound, characters make illogical and baffling decisions, and a guy who was three miles away is suddenly standing in the next room.

No matter how good you think you are at writing, trust me, you need an editor. And you need a good one. They’re going to see things you can’t, and leaving yourself open to their edits only benefits you. Editors make us look good — in my case, mine makes me look like I can actually write, so that’s nice.

What about you, folks? Any tales to tell of outstanding editors and editing? Or, on the flip side, any horror stories about the same?

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