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15 December 2011

White Person Problem: my wife, Lisa, got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas. OK, so that’s not necessarily a problem. But it does mean that my poor Sony Reader will languish in its case from here on. I don’t really do product reviews here, but…

Anywho, the Kindle Fire. I have to say, I dig it. As far as reading goes, it makes books look great. (Some older e-books, those with low-resolution covers, don’t necessarily look that great on the Kindle’s hi-def screen… but the books themselves look fine.) It’s rather like the older Kindles when you use it to read books — adjustable text size, dictionary lookup (and Google and Wikipedia, when applicable), etc.

But the device really shines when you use it for other stuff. Amazon’s video and music marketplace is probably just as good as iTunes, in that I’ve never been able to not find something I was looking for at either one. But Amazon Prime members get a whole bunch of streaming stuff free on the Kindle Fire, which is cool. Netflix works pretty well on the device, too, as does the Web browsing and the music app.

I really haven’t found much that my wife’s iPad can do that the Kindle can’t, except cost $300 more. Suffice it to say, I really like it.

Could the Kindle Fire be one of the prizes for the upcoming second 47 Echo novel? Or two of the prizes, even? I can’t say that won’t happen.

So, anyone else gotten pulled in to the whole Kindle Fire scene yet? Any opinions? Better/worse than iPad or Android tablets?

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  1. 15 December 2011 1122

    not in New Zealand yet

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