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Slow your roll, homey.

12 December 2011

A comment on the latest Twitter Novel mentioned that it’s off to a slow start. I think it was meant as a (constructive) criticism, but I’m not taking any offense to it.

Because that’s exactly what I mean to do. Too often, I start out books with a gunfight, or some sort of mortal peril. It’s not the only trick I have up my sleeve, and I always like to challenge myself a little (in the words of Lisa Simpson, “I meant a challenge I could do!). This time around, without giving too much away, I’m writing in a 1950’s Sci-Fi mindset. Make of that what you will.

This does bring up a question, though — what do you think was the golden age of sci-fi books? The 50’s? The 90’s? Now?

I’m obviously partial to the 1950’s, myself, but I dig stuff from every time period. One of my earliest school memories was staying late in the library with a filmstrip machine to watch a narrated, filmstrip version of War of the Worlds. I think I was five.

So what’s your favorite era in science fiction, folks? And what would you choose as the ultimate story from that time period?

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