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Falling Behind

30 November 2011

I’ve probably said before that one of my biggest problems as a writer is laziness. When I’m jamming through on a project or six, I’m fine… but when I’m not, I can very easily fall into the “I should watch several episodes of Top Gear instead of doing anything tonight” trap. While the last couple of weeks hasn’t been as extreme as the Top Gear example, I have fallen off a bit in terms of my output, and that’s something I need to put right.

Consider, for example, this blog. Usually by now I would have had this week’s writer interview up. Now, while I have picked out the writer (and he’s an interesting one, folks), and he does know he’s going to be interviewed, I haven’t even written the questions yet. Why? Because lack of output — lack of constant working — tends to make me a bit lazy.

So, I’ve resolved — tonight, I’m shaking off the ennui and laziness. I suppose it’s not a moment too soon, as I have to start another Twitter Novel in a couple of days, but there it is. More work. More output. It’s the way I’m happiest, after all.

What about you, folks? What’s your secret to beating the laziness monster? Or is that just a problem I have?

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