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And that’s when the CHUDs came at me.

22 November 2011

So, this weekend, the wife and I had a food adventure or two. On Sunday, we went to Love and War in Texas, which we both agreed is very much like “Texas: The Restaurant” and probably belongs squarely on the grounds of “Texas: The Theme Park.” What I’m saying is, the place did everything but have the waiters scream at you that yes, you are in Texas. It’s the kind of place you take out-of-state visitors so they get a Texas experience.

They had plenty of interesting stuff on the menu, though. I don’t know how I came up with the idea that it was healthier to eat animals that I couldn’t beat in a fight (bison, alligator, shark, etc.), but I’ve had that idea in my head for years, and LAW in Texas had me all set up there. On the menu was antelope, buffalo, and wild boar. I’d never had wild boar before, so of course, I ordered it.

It was good. And the fact that I ate half of it midday Sunday and half of it for dinner last night is in no way responsible for the fact that I felt like vomiting my guts out for the last two days (or so I keep assuring myself). Otherwise, I would have to admit that I couldn’t even beat a dead, chopped up, and cooked wild boar in a fight, and that’s something my manly pride just won’t allow.

So what’s your favorite local cuisine, folks? Where do you take out-of-towners to eat when they come visit?

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