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9 November 2011

Thanks to my relative apathy about my Audible account, I always manage to build up a fair amount of credits. Last night, I decided to pick up Stephen King’s newest release. It’s massive — more than thirty hours — but I’m interested in the subject matter.

Let me tell you, you guys — it’s pretty great so far. I’m four chapters (or three and a half hours) in right now, but I was hooked pretty quickly. The main character (or, as you know if you’ve read him much, the Stephen King surrogate) is well-drawn, the plot is engaging… all around, pretty great.

Usually, I don’t rush to get into books on release day, Stephen King or not. But I’m trying to get through as much of this one as I can before 7:00 central time tomorrow night.

Then, I get to go hear the man himself lecture at Dealey Plaza.

Yep. Living in Dallas is pretty cool sometimes.

So, in keeping with today’s theme, what’s your favorite Stephen King story? Which one made the best movie? (Please don’t say “The Mangler,” or I’ll have to disown you.)

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  1. Mary permalink
    9 November 2011 1149

    The Stand…still one of my favorite books of all time.
    I think the Green Mile was the best they have done for a movie.

  2. 9 November 2011 1204

    I’m 300 pages in to 11-22-63. Goooooddd.
    Fave King book would be Eyes of the Dragon
    The Dark Tower series made a kick-ass graphic novel run
    favorite movie DESPITE being totally dissimilar to the book would be The Running Man

  3. 9 November 2011 1505

    Had he not written DIFFERENT SEASONS, in particularly “The Body” within those covers, I’m not sure I’d have started writing.

    Okay, so I would have, but DIFFERENT SEASONS hit right at the right time to nudge me in the right direction.

  4. Nate permalink
    15 November 2011 1432

    The first three Dark Tower books are golden.

    I liked everything about The Stand except for the end, which was just too much deus ex machina.

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