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You’ll Be Seeing Less of Me

21 October 2011

Well, physically, anyway.

I mentioned before that the surgery four weeks ago forced me to go on a liquid diet. I’ve managed to choke down some regular food a few times in the last four weeks, but mostly, I’ve been on nutrition shakes and water (and, starting a couple of weeks ago, coffee). I felt, for the most part, no different during the course of the last four weeks… apart from craving a burger or some sushi every now and then. But physically, I hadn’t noticed any real changes.

Until I finally got around to weighing myself this morning and found that I’d lost 24 pounds.

It’s odd, because it feels like this just happened overnight. Go to bed at 175, wake up at 151. It’s been a relatively painless way to lose some of the extra weight I wanted to, which is great — anything that requires minimal effort from me is something I’m going to sign on for.

So now it’s time to put some of that weight back on in a healthy way (read: muscle instead of partially-digested In-N-Out Burger). So, the question for today — what’s the best workout regimen you’ve ever been on? I’m hearing good things about P90X, for example.

Also, next week will have some fun (and more regular) blog posts, including at least one author interview. So stay tuned. 😉

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  1. Nate permalink
    21 October 2011 1443

    P90X is worth a look for getting into shape. The workouts are solid, but it does require a fair amount of home equipment. You pretty much have to commit to it 100% to work, though, meaning at least an hour/hour and a half for exercise six days a week. The people who get the best results follow its’ diet plan.

    Total cost of ownership can get pricey when you figure everything in.

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