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Doktor Sleepless

19 October 2011
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I usually don’t get a hell of a lot of sleep. Four hours or so is pretty average. Last night (or, OK, this morning from 11 to noon or so), I got one.

Without going into too much personal detail, yesterday really sucked for me. I’m in a place now where my mood is oscillating from angry to hurt to confused and then back through the cycle. It’s not a fun place to be, and it feels like I’m going to be camped out in this place for at least a while.

So, output here and at the Twitter Novel Project might drop off for a while (which, I guess, is the point of all the whining in the last couple of paragraphs). I don’t know. Might not. I’m not even sure how I’ll feel from one moment to the next right now, but I feel like I owed the literally ones of you who read this blog an explanation if output does end up being affected.

Blargh. I don’t want to end today’s entry on a whiny note, so here’s a good thing:

Those of you who have been waiting on another book for me? You’ll be happy in the near future. Yesterday morning, I dropped off a signed contract at the post office, so… watch this space. The announcement should be coming shortly.

Take care, all.

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