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I am Job.

14 October 2011

You might have noticed there was no blog post yesterday. Then again, you might not have. I’m not watching you 24 hours a day… uh, anymore. Just… just don’t check your light fixtures for surveillance devices, K? We’ll all be happier that way.

Anyway, the reason I didn’t post yesterday is pretty simple — too much to do at the day job. I’m not at the point where I write novels for a living, though that is, eventually, the plan (or the hope, anyway), so I work 9 to 5 like everyone else. (Or 9:30 to 11:30 p.m., as was the case yesterday.)

Still, longer hours aside, I do like my job. It’s in the writing field, but I’m not in anyway creative at work, so I still feel like writing when I get done for the day. When I previously worked as an editor for a computer magazine, I’d often have to write (or fix) articles during the day, and it made me not want to write when I got home. Nowadays, what I do is more in the informational janitor category, so that works.

I’ve held jobs in a bunch of different industries, from farm labor to defense contracting, and I try not to define myself by what I do during the day. To me, a day job is just what pays the bills so I can do the things I enjoy, like writing or spending time with my wife.

So what about you, folks? What’s the best job you’ve ever had? The worst? Ever come across a time when you’ve defined yourself by your job rather than by who you really are?

Note: Next week, I’m going to start writing blogs based on your suggestions.

Note Note: Carina Press is selling books for 40% off through this weekend. If you want to pick up a $2.99 copy of 47 Echo, I’m not going to talk you out of it. 😉

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