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Buying on Faith

4 October 2011
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There are a few things I’ll go ahead and buy without needing to know anything about them. When I was a kid, I had a system for buying CDs — if there were three solid tracks on an album, it was worth buying new. Two, it was worth buying used. Only one, and I’d get it if I could pick it up mega-cheap (like at the Florida State University flea market, or at an awesome used CD store called Vinyl Fever [I went to my first year of college at FSU]).

But there were certain artists that didn’t have to meet any of the above criteria. Certain artists made albums I liked so much in the past that I’d just buy whatever they put out without having to listen to any of the songs. I’d buy these guys on faith, and it was very rare that my faith-buying went unrewarded.

Later, the same would apply to authors and directors. If David Fincher was directing a movie after Fight Club, then I was going to see it. After I read Microserfs, I was automatically just going to go ahead and buy anything Douglas Coupland wrote.

I’m older than I was when Manson’s Mechanical Animals came out, but the principal still holds. There are certain creative people who will put something out and I’ll buy it blind, because I know it’ll be great.

One such person is my friend and fellow Carina Press author Shirin Dubbin. As soon as I read Dreams Dark Kiss (which I might have mentioned on this blog a couple of times), there was nothing that was going to stop me from buying anything she released. And that’s why, yesterday, as soon as it was available for purchase, I got Shirin’s new Carina release, Chaos Tryst. I’ve only had the chance to read a bit of it so far, but my god, you guys… my buying on faith has been rewarded yet again.

Shirin’s stuff is funny and imaginative — just like the author herself. Check out her release-day post today over at the Carina Press blog if you don’t believe me. And hey! While you’re there, why not pick up a copy of Chaos Tryst? And when you do that, why not send me a copy of the receipt with your personal info blanked out?

(Hint: If you do, you’ll get something awesome from me in the mail for your trouble.)

So who do you buy on faith, folks? And have you ever been burned by it?

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  1. 4 October 2011 1007

    I don’t buy much, because I work in libraries and get all my books and music through them before I buy… but there are some authors and song writers that I know I will buy before their latest work is released.
    Music by Tom Russell, Guy Clark, Robert Earl Keen, books by Connie Willis, Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde, Susan Vreeland… the list goes on and on. Can’t lose with them.

    • 4 October 2011 1009

      All great stuff. Also, just read your “Orange Jumpsuits” post — I think I have a new hobby. 😉

  2. 4 October 2011 1651

    Faith buys….Music Bon Jovi, LL Cool J, Def Leppard, Metallica. Books, Jim Butcher, Andy McDermott, familial authors, Clive Cussler. Movies, not so much, lol

  3. 5 October 2011 1341

    I’ve got to come up with a new word to describe you. Awesome is a bit weak. Perhaps spectacular, stupendous, abso-freakin’-lutely amazing. Or maybe a blending of them all, similar to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…? D. All of the above.

    And I have to say, every time I read something you’ve written I enjoy it so much I immediately try to figure out ways to make my readers feel the excitement your prose makes me feel.

    I hope the rest of Chaos Tryst continues to be a joy.

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