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Greetings from Beautiful Bat Country!

26 September 2011

So, I kind of ended up spending the weekend on a bit of a vacation. Oh, not to worry — I didn’t leave the house much at all. In fact, I stayed in the same room for nearly 48 hours, floating in and out of consciousness and watching a lot of X-Files. Most of my vacation was a mental one, and that’s all thanks to my good friend Prescription Painkillers.

As I mentioned before (and all weekend, via complaints on Facebook and Twitter), I had some surgery done on Friday. OK, half a surgery, really, because my body didn’t want to cooperate and only let my surgeon remove half of what he needed to (the other half will be removed soon). On Friday afternoon, I was sent home with bandages, instructions to rest, and a prescription for painkillers, which I don’t usually take.

This time, though, there wasn’t even a debate. I was starting to go loopy from the pain almost as soon as I got out of the hospital, so we picked up the pills immediately and I took them as soon as I got home.

When I was a kid, painkillers used to affect me in one of two ways — they’d either make me violently ill (and do nothing to kill the pain), or make me go slightly crazy (and do almost nothing to kill the pain). Now that I’m older, though, they seem to have settled on a nice middle ground — they make me a bit queasy, mute the pain a bit, and only make me have odd dreams. It’s a compromise, but I’ll take it.

So I spent most of the weekend either asleep and dreaming of large sea creatures that could also fly (but don’t worry, because the Air Force sent one guy to take care of them), or awake and drinking tons of water to combat some minor stomach upsets. But it was a vacation in that I didn’t have to accomplish anything, I didn’t have to think of anything logical, and I didn’t really have to worry about anything other than recovering (a big thanks to my wife for taking care of me all weekend).

So, while I didn’t make it all the way to Bat Country for my vacation, I did stay in a nice little place just outside it.

But now I’m back, and it’s back to work on the current Twitter novel, day-job work, and other projects.

So, did y’all do anything interesting this weekend?

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