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Our Government’s Weirdest Secret (Part 3)

16 September 2011

Lights in the sky. Not the ones I'm talking about, because my digital camera sucked that night.

Part 3: Groom Lake(ish) to Cedar Gate

Zipping, dropping fast, changing color, changing shape. The six lights in the sky were pulling maneuvers that would have liquified a human pilot in his seat. They’d shoot up several hundred feet in a half-second, then shoot off to the west, then turn on a dime and shoot to the east. Their running lights got brighter, dimmer — changed in configuration from triangular to a straight line. One craft would vanish and then pop up a fraction of a second later halfway across the sky. Another would fly low and slow in a straight line before zipping up into the air, or dropping behind a mountain. It was awesome.

“Um, I just saw a flash at the top of that mountain,” Jeremy said, pointing directly to the location of the Area 51 installation.

I looked, and I saw another couple of flashes over the next couple of minutes. Jeremy later said that our pictures were probably now hanging on a wall somewhere on the base — I tend to agree with him, probably with the caption “and then there were these clowns.”

The whole time we’d been out there, we hadn’t seen any other people or vehicles. The night was clear and the moon was full, so we could see each other and our own car just fine, and could actually see for a couple of miles down the road in either direction. It was flat, cold, and desolate, so it was pretty easy to notice when headlights popped up to my right.

“We’ve got headlights,” I told Jeremy, pointing down the road.

“Think that means it’s time to go?” he asked.

“Yeah, probably,” I said after a second’s thought, hopping in the rental car and starting the engine. I would say gunning the engine, but it was a Chevy Aveo, after all. It doesn’t really “gun.”

I got the Aveo up to about 80 as we drove away — we still wanted to find Mail Box road, and I wanted to put some distance between us and whoever was coming our way. The latter part of that wasn’t going to happen — every time we looked in the rearview, those headlights were there, keeping pace.

Jeremy spotted a road, but doing 80, I whipped right past it. I saw a sign up ahead (which didn’t turn out to be anything — I thought it might have been what we were looking for), so I slowed down, turned the car around, and headed back for the road Jeremy had just seen. As we traveled back the way we had come, we saw what had been chasing us.

It was a white Jeep Cherokee. Any casual conspiracy buff probably knows that Area 51’s security forces drive white Cherokees, and the guy in the driver’s seat did seem to be wearing fatigues. He flashed his brights at us, but continued on by. We drove down Jeremy’s road for a second, but it turned out to be a cow path, so we got back on the main road and headed back for Rachel.

As we were headed back, I noticed a marked road — Cedar Gate. It even looked to be paved. Jeremy and I headed down it for a couple of miles, maybe, before we decided we’d pushed our luck enough for one night. We were low on fuel anyway, so we turned back around and headed for Rachel. Probably a good thing that we did, as I know now that Cedar Gate leads directly to an entrance of Area 51, and only about three miles from where we turned around. We probably would have gotten a lot worse than some brights flashed at us for that one.

So what did we see out there? Jeremy is sure it’s experimental Air Force flights, whereas I’m more apt to think UAVs. Neither of us jumped to aliens, though I did play devil’s advocate and get Jeremy to consider that they were American aircraft made with alien technology. Just for kicks.

Still, it was an awesome experience, and next time I go back… well, I’ll take a camera that can actually do something in the dark.

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  1. 18 September 2011 0559

    I think you’re both right, actually. It’s probably those rumored ducted fan or jet-powered experimental stealth UAVs they’re supposed to be working on.

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