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Our Government’s Weirdest Secret (Part 2)

15 September 2011

Full of oddballs. And energy drinks.

Part 2: Rachel to Groom Lake(ish)

So, when we left off, my intrepid companion (I hesitate to say sidekick, as he’s just as much Batman as I am) had pulled off the road in Rachel, NV at the Lil’ A’le’inn. It wasn’t hard to find, what with the blinking UFOs out front in the parking lot. Also, it was pretty much the only building in Rachel, NV, so that helped.

It was near 9:00 at night, and, as you may have noticed from reading this blog in the past, I may have a minor caffeine addiction, so I went inside in search of energy drinks or coffee. As Jeremy and I looked around the place, we couldn’t help but notice that the walls were covered in pictures of UFOs, not just from the local area, but from all over the world. While we made the circuit of the place and checked out all the pictures and documentation, we started hearing conversations at the bar.

Well, just one, actually. But it was enough. There was a guy there who claimed to be in his 60s (he looked 40), who was telling a biker at the bar how a shaman had told him many years back to go to Rachel, NV for some sort of spiritual experience. He’d come out and just stayed, apparently working six jobs in town. I have no idea what these jobs were, as the “town” consisted of the building we were in and a bunch of trailers, but there you go. We bought my energy drink and went outside, where a Norwegian couple was sitting in a pair of lawn chairs staring at us and whispering to each other. We decided at that point to get back on the road.

Our destination was Mail Box Road, home of the infamous black mailbox. Google Maps said it was about 20 miles from Rachel, but we went at least 30 and didn’t see it. At some point, though, our radio had gone out, and Jeremy’s cell phone had completely lost any sort of signal (though he’d had full roaming bars just a few minutes before). We guessed we were definitely in the government’s sphere of influence now, so we decided to pull over, step out of the car, and see what we could see.

We turned the car around so we were headed back toward Rachel and pulled off the road at the first flat spot. When we got out of the car, it was pretty cold, though not so cold you could see your breath. We could see a bit of a glow over the mountains between us and Area 51, but other than that, the night was clear. There was no wind, no sound, and no light other than the full moon. Both of us, of course, looked up at the sky, not really expecting to see anything.

But it wasn’t long before we did.

“Right there,” Jeremy said, pointing off down the road. I looked, and up in the sky, I saw something flying. It was heading in a nice, straight line, with blinking red and blue lights. It looked like any ordinary aircraft to me — until it suddenly dropped several hundred feet and zipped off in the opposite direction.

“Whoa,” I said. Probably. I don’t remember — knowing me, I probably just said “fuck.”

“That was definitely odd,” Jeremy said.

“There’s more of them,” I said, pointing above where we had seen the light perform its impossibly quick maneuvers.

And there were. We counted six, and the airshow, as it turned out, was just starting.

And that’s where I’ll leave it for today, folks. Come back tomorrow for the rest of the story!

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  1. Nate permalink
    15 September 2011 1309

    The Norwegians told me they wanted to give you guys some lutefisk. So, it’s just as well that you took off.

  2. 15 September 2011 1309

    New Zealand does have UFOs, we’re too out of the way and the weather’s bitterly cold the further south you go. Poor aliens prolly freeze their little green butts off…

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