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The Re-Vanishing

6 September 2011

Sounds like the title of another awful horror movie I watched and could complain about for three paragraphs, doesn’t it?

Not the case, however. No, the title of today’s entry is about another gap in blogging, so close on the heels of my Labor Day mini-vacation. I’m heading to Las Vegas on Thursday, and while I won’t promise not to blog while I’m there, it’s less likely than it would be if I was staying in town for a week.

So, in keeping with today’s vague travel theme, when’s the last time you went out of town? Where did you go, and why?


Reminder — if you pre-order my pal Shirin Dubbin’s upcoming book Chaos Tryst at either Amazon or Barnes and Noble in the next 10 days, send me a copy of your receipt (with your personal info blanked out, of course), and I’ll send you a special collection of short stories from the 47 Echo universe for your e-reader. Just shoot me an email, and it’s all yours, free for nothin’.

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