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Unmarked Helicopters

1 September 2011

Let’s talk about the Shadow People, shall we?

It’s no surprise that shady folks show up in every book I’ve written for the Twitter Novel Project. You don’t have to look too far to find Air Force Captain Jason Black in various shadow roles in White Male, 34, 47 Echo, L.E.O., The Ground War, 200 Days, and the current book. Thing is, those books span from 1998 to 2019 — the promotions board must really hate this guy.

I like writing for the Shadow People, because they can get away with all kinds of shit. It’s tempting to use them to come in and save the day, as no one in the story has any idea as to the extent of their power and influence. I tend to like to use them the other way — to open up a whole world of problems the characters didn’t even know existed. Sure, they help out in their own way, but they’re also confusing and frustrating to our heroes.

So would I ever write, say, a book with Jason Black as the main character? Well, I already did, but that one will never see the light of day. Part of what’s great about Shadow People is you don’t know too much about them. Is the Jason Black in White Male, 34 the same Jason Black in 47 Echo?

So, who’s your favorite shadow person in books, film, TV, etc.?


Reminder — if you pre-order my pal Shirin Dubbin’s upcoming book Chaos Tryst at either Amazon or Barnes and Noble in the next 12 days, send me a copy of your receipt (with your personal info blanked out, of course), and I’ll send you a special collection of short stories from the 47 Echo universe for your e-reader. Just shoot me an email, and it’s all yours, free for nothin’.

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  1. Dan permalink
    1 September 2011 1318

    The Observer from Fringe. One of the weirdest recurring characters I know.

    • 2 September 2011 1115

      I will admit my geekshame — I haven’t watched Fringe yet. I know, I need to.

      • Mary permalink
        20 September 2011 1133

        You must Fringe.
        I agree the Observers, definitely.

  2. 1 September 2011 1715

    The Smoking Man.

    (That’s really all I need to say, right?)

  3. 3 September 2011 0822

    Uh……I suppose I have to leave my own cadre of shadow peeps out of it, lol.

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