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Mark your calendars…

30 August 2011

Because my pal Shirin Dubbin has a new book coming out in just over a month. It’s called Chaos Tryst, and it looks awesome. It’s also published by my pals at Carina Press, so that’s doubly awesome.

From the back cover:

Ariana Golde may be known for breaking and entering but she’s no thief, she’ s a returner. She retrieves stolen objects and gives them back to their rightful owners. Her latest job: retrieving a statue from the Medveds. But Ari is having an off night, and she’s caught red-handed by the three brothers, who don’t just get mad—they turn into bears.

Maksim Medved is outraged—the statue belongs to his parents. But Ari’s returner magick doesn’t lie: the heirloom has a new rightful owner. Ari is drawn to the surly, handsome Maks—maybe because he possesses the same chaos magick she does. But while Ariana enjoys a touch of chaos, Maks hates its destructive power.

When Ari and Maks team up to find her mystery client, their chaos magicks ignite even faster than their attraction. Can Maks learn to love a little chaos, or will the havoc they cause among the faebled creatures drive him away for good?

See? Told you it looked awesome. So here’s the deal, folks — if you pre-order Chaos Tryst at either Amazon or Barnes and Noble in the next two weeks, send me a copy of your receipt (with your personal info blanked out, of course), and I’ll send you a special collection of short stories from the 47 Echo universe for your e-reader. Just shoot me an email, and it’s all yours, free for nothin’.

Two books for the price of one, folks. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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  1. 30 August 2011 1301

    Twitter delivered news of this lovely surprise. I’m all smiles. Thanks, Shawn!

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